100 Days: Donald Trump Does Not Care About You

Donald Trump spent his campaign making promises most of us knew he couldn’t keep, claiming that the presidency was so easy, and throwing toddler-like tantrums when anyone insulted him.

A man who literally claims that anything he doesn’t agree with is “fake news” is the president of our country.

A man who shouted from the rooftops that executive orders were a cop out and used by men who could not lead has signed an almost record number.

A man who hates Obamacare simply because it has “Obama” in it (a well-known strategy devised by the Republican party to devalue it and create negative feelings toward it. In fact, many regular Americans were not aware that “Obamacare” and the ACA were the same thing), and tried thankfully unsuccessfully to replace it with something far worse, that covered less.

A man who lied about a carrier group going to North Korea. A man who swears up and down that Mexico will pay for the wall while asking congress to approve a budget for it.

As we pass his 100 days, is it truly possible that anyone still thinks he is fit for this job? Even he admits that it’s “harder than he thought.

The real question is how is our system so gerrymandered, so broken, the electoral college so unwilling to go against their states but for their country, that we got to this point?

Trump does not understand international relations or diplomacy and may be on his way to taunting North Korea into actually striking out at us. He has the lowest approval rating at this point in a presidency EVER.

Despite petitions, marches, claims, and shouts to the contrary, he claims that no one cares about his tax returns. He tried to BAN PEOPLE FROM MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES, but ONLY THE ONES HE DIDN’T HAVE BUSINESS DEALINGS IN.

To me, that last one is his legacy. Everything is fake if he doesn’t like it, and he can easily be bought. If he is doing business with you, then history shows only one of two things will happen: either you will be shafted and not receive payment (remember the many construction teams he admits to not paying or the little girls who danced at his campaign rallies?) or you will receive preferential treatment and not be banned or deported, or possibly pay taxes.

Donald Trump has proposed a tax plan that even the former US Treasury Secretary says will likely have the middle class paying more.

No matter what you think, no matter how you voted, no matter what you believed before, you must see that Donald Trump does not care about you. He never did. He said whatever he could to get elected and now has a job he doesn’t like, doesn’t seem to want, and only harps on his months-old win and not actually doing anything good.

He has a sleepy doctor as HUD secretary with no experience, he appointed someone with zero experience but a lot of money to the education post, which millions of Americans actively protested against.

He has accomplished nothing good in his term so far, he’s made the US an international laughingstock, and yet he still has a few supporters. If you are not the 1% and can do something that directly benefits him, Donald Trump does not care about you.

He only cares about himself.

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