10 Interesting Stories From This Week

Here are 10 interesting stories I read this week on Medium and want to share with you! Dive in and give these excellent writers some love.

Tim Denning wrote a beautiful piece for The Ascent called The Mentally Ill Person’s Guide to Psychological Superpowers. He discusses his battle with mental illness and reprogramming his brain.

Felicia C. Sullivan wrote a thought-provoking piece for Falling Into Freelancing titled I’m Ditching My Income Streams. In it, she reflects on why she never created the course she thought she would — and should.

Zulie Rane talks about her streamlining her business and making more money in less time for Start It Up in her post, How I Earn $8K+ Per Month While Only Working 15 Hours Per Week. She describes going from a corporate job to working few hours with no grind — and why she stopped pitching clients altogether (#6!).

Joe Procopio posted an interesting in-depth piece called How Startups Sell Without a Sales Team. He discusses automating sales and how you don’t need a sales team immediately to start making money.

Laura Graves wrote a cool piece about showing versus telling in writing, appropriately titled Show or Tell? Giving specific examples, this is a great resource for any writer.

Adrienne Cobb posted an in-depth examination of How Authors Get Paid in Kindle Unlimited. SO MANY PEOPLE ask this question and her detailed explanation and look into whether it is worth it is great.

Ever wondered about the real difference between Plagiarism & Paraphrasing? Ismael Fernandez gives you more information and a great example.

Jon Brosio goes into 4 Crucial Mistakes Online Side-Hustlers Make — Without Even Noticing for Start It Up. Check out his dive into why some writers stop with just creating content and why that’s not enough.

Derick David dives into why Clubhouse Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet). Clubhouse has been everywhere lately — and why it’s not exactly what you need.

Jane Sagui wrote a really interesting piece titled Has Tech Forgotten How To Listen? She goes into trendspotting, and why it’s not enough for a real and deep investment discussion.

What new topics, articles, or writers have you discovered this week?

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